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Our Services;

Bath HR offers advice and support in the following areas

Resource Management

Strategic workforce planning; Succession planning.

Recruitment & Retention

We can assist you with: advertisement; selection; interviewing techniques; support to managers.

Policies and Procedures

Ensuring your business is complying with current employment legislation and assisting you in developing personalised policies and procedures to suit your company.

Disciplinaries and Grievances

Assisting with meetings in connection with disciplinary or grievance investigations and advising managers accordingly.

Training Solutions

Managing training plans and training courses for employees and giving advice for further training programmes if needed.

Setting up an HR Department

If you are planning to set up an HR department, we can assist you with budgeting, recruitment, management and advising new staff until the department is set up and running smoothly.

Employment Law

Ensuring that you are complying with employment legislation and creating the right terms of conditions of employment to meet current legislation and suit your company needs.

Employee Relations

Helping you to improve relationships with your employees.

Employee Benefits

We can review your employee benefits and help provide solutions for a happier workforce, giving your employees a better work-life balance so that they feel valued.

Interim short term support or cover

If you already have an HR department we can offer your team support on an adhoc basis or cover any absences on a short term basis.


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Staff Issues?

Do you have recruitment and retention issues? You're not alone!


of organisations experience recruitment difficulties.


of organisations reported having retention difficulties.

(CIPD Annual Turnover Report)

Did you know...

Under the Employment Equality (Age) Regulations 2006, it is unlawful to discriminate in relation to age against potential employees when recruiting, or existing employees in their terms and conditions of employment, such as their pay and benefits.

Are you following the right Disciplinary and Grievance procedures? Are your employees aware of their rights? and appeals procedures? Ignorance is no defence in an employ ment tribunal and could be costly for your business if you are not compliant with employment law.