Bath HR - Helping you with your HR

About us

Bath HR is a new and dynamic consultancy based in Bath offering Human Resources support and advice at a moment’s notice to businesses in Bath and the surrounding areas.

There are many businesses in the area with no, or limited, Human Resources capability. We will be able to assist you with part, or all, of your company’s Human Resources needs. These services include:

Assistance with temporary staff cover is also available.

What makes us different?

We take a personal approach to helping you, and initially we will come to meet you and your staff in person. Our aim is primarily to understand your business, since we need to know what services you offer and what your business needs are so that we can help you to use HR Services to achieve your company objectives.

We will endeavour to work closely with you, your employees and management, to provide the right solutions for your business by creating a better working environment whilst conforming to the latest employment legislation. Most importantly you can pay for the services you need on an ad hoc basis, which is more cost effective for you.

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Staff Issues?

Are you taking your employees for granted?


of employees say that they never feel fully appreciated at work

Almost half of employees feel that they cannot trust their employer


have reported saying they rarely or never get feedback from their line managers on their performance.

Did you know...

Companies offering better services and support to employees retain better skilled and qualified employees with a higher staff satisfaction rate and higher staff retention rates.

It is the employer's duty of care to provide a safe, healthy, equitable working environment, free from discrimination of any kind, bullying and harassment and any dangers or risk of harm in the workplace.